We are in danger, we are all in danger. You think you are the only ones now threatened by this virus, but we are continuously threatened by the virus called Human.

How you have damaged the earth. How you have treated, exhausted, abused, neglected the World. It has brought you not only where you are now but also us.

We offer help, but it is also necessary for the progress of the Earth that you listen, wake up and hear us, cooperate with us. The time of doing nothing is over.

I would like to invite you today to take a moment in silence when you think about your role, what you can do to live differently, in harmony, without doing any harm. In love, for everything that lives, grows and flowers, respect for every soul, seen and unseen.

How can you actually organize your life so differently that you can also be yourself. View yourself critically, but also view yourself in a solution-oriented manner. There is always a solution nearby. And choose something, small or large, to change every day. Every day you add a new choice. This way you make small steps with a great result over the long term and you climb upwards.

We animals are here to help you, yes, but you also need to help yourself. Want to develop yourself. Make THAT decision. Every day again. Every day again. It is not one-off or short term. It is continuous throughout your life.

How can you help us so that we can continue to help you. How can we help each other to continue to experience this beautiful planet. We do this together. We have to do this together. Alone, we will become extinct. No matter who will go first but if we don’t work together we will both go extinct in the not too distant future so let’s start working together. Hear us, hear me, hear the call in you, she calls you, do you hear it?

Listen carefully…..


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