Custom shamanic journey

One way to find anwsers to important life questions is through a shamanic journey.

A guided meditation in which you follow the directions of my voice, discribing a world that you will see with your spirit eye. There you will look for the anwsers to your questions. While i am connected with you and guiding you on this path, bringing forth ancestors, guides, beings, and worlds who will provide you with those anwsers. It’s an altered state in which you receive information from the unseen worlds.  

During this Zoom session we first talk through that what you would like to experience or find anwsers for during the session. Next, you can settle into a a relaxed position (sitting or laying) while i tune in for a few minutes creating the shamanic journey perfectly fitting for that moment. Then i will guide you through the actual journey, allowing you to fully emerge into the experience, finding the answers you were seeking for. After i brought you back you can share all you saw, heared and felt and i will help you interpret all the messages and symbols you came across. 

Custom Shamanic Journey of one hour: € 120,-

If you like to

  • Receive a Shamanic Journey live custom-made for you
  • Find answers to life questions
  • Want to know who your guides, helpers and protectors are
  • Learn about your life purpose
  • Understand what is blocking you from fulfilling your life purpose
  • Receive insights & guidance regarding the life changing decicions you are facing

One full hour live on Zoom


The Zoom session will be recorded if you like and send to you


This session can be held in English or Dutch

All ages

Suitable for adults, teens and children (with a parent present)

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