November 10, 2021

Birgit & Robin

I met Marieke during a Shamanistic Online course and was directly attracted by her warm, soft and outspoken presence. In that year i understood that, next to her various Shamanistic and intuitive talents, she also communicates with animals. Being a huge animal and nature lover myself, i was and still am intrigued about her knowledge and wisdom in that field.

June 15, 2023

Chantal Elzinga

Marieke said: ‘Look behind you!” I looked up and saw the Northern Lights, welcoming me back home.

A year after finishing the online course ‘Speaking with Nature’, my journey with Marieke continued in Norway. She intuitively created my personalized Northern Lights experience, weaving together dreams, thoughts, feelings, and experiences that arose before and during my stay.

Marieke encouraged me to find my own answers. She created the safe space I needed to voice my truth and express my needs. She is very generous in sharing her vast knowledge, teachings and her delicious homemade food. Her unique approach is warm & loving, no-nonsense & direct, intuitive and out-of-the-box. She dares to explore the unconventional and I am grateful she did so with me. 

For those willing to listen with their hearts, Nature in Norway speaks loud and clear. I felt great support, encouragement, gratitude and so much love from the ocean, snow, wind, whales, trees, moose and reindeer, nature spirits and of course the Northern Lights…


As I walked down the mountain by myself, not sure if I was quite ready to return home, I realized that Marieke had given me all the tools I needed to continue to walk my own path. Now, months later, I am still unpacking all the blessings I have received under the Northern Lights.

I am grateful.

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