Personal Healing

In our lives we all have issues to overcome, lessons to learn, aspects to heal, thats part of being human. Past experiences that traumatised us either from this life or previous makes our energy get stuck in a loop, unable to move forward. Repeating the same patterns over and over again.

During these sessions you will go into an active meditative state in which i will ask your higher Self, an array of fast questions to analyse what is needed at this moment for you to be able to heal yourself emotionally. All you have to do is close your eyes and anwser without thinking with yes or no. i will tune in to the energies and will go to where it is stuck and allow it to flow again. Tuning constantly into this flow of life to make it stronger and pure.

Its a fast and efficient way of allowing healing to happen without having to remember all the details of what caused it. Its a technique i personally developed over time and apply in the retreats.

Personal Healing of one hour: € 120,-

If you like to

  • Be more present in your life
  • Feel more whole
  • Heal emotionally in an efficient way
  • Break through destructive patterns
  • Release what is holding you back
  • Release stuck energy from your cells
  • Create space for your soul to anchor more into the physical

One full hour live on Zoom


The Zoom session will be recorded if you like and send to you


This session can be held in English or Dutch

All ages

Suitable for adults, teens and children (with a parent present)

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