Nature here in the North is very receptive and very much ‘alive’. Its the perfect place to Connect with Nature the way our ancestors did. And hopefully our future selves will do too. But it goes deeper then that. Actually connecting with nature from heart to heart is connecting with a part of yourself too, which is now ‘out of use’.  And probably has been ‘lost’ for centuries in your family line. When we re-activate this part in ourselves, let it intergrate with all that we are, it will make you feel complete, One, fully connected and no longer out of place in the World. Allowing you to step back into our natural place in Nature instead of placing ourselves above it.

It is the most beautiful and profound feeling of beeing surrounded with life. To actually feel the trees, the plants, the mountains, the animals and the unseen and to feel supported, cared for, provided for, collaborated with. Feeling deeply loved and never feeling alone ever again.

In the last years i have facilitated, in colaboration, several retreats here in the North regarding ‘Speaking with Nature’, ‘Reconnecting with Nature’, ‘Water Retreat’ and ‘Reconnecting with your Indigenous Nature’ through my organisation ‘Natureconomy’.

And ofcourse its always possible to create in collaboration with a group of people, friends, family, organisation or company your own Retreat here. Just contact me to explore the options.

note: all photos are taken personally with an iphone without filters or alternations, just pure Nordic Nature.

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