Northern Lights

In the summer of 2019 the Northern Lights asked me to come and live under them to write a book together. 2,5 years later i moved from the Netherlands to Tromsø, Norway. Little did i know how big this adventure was going to be.

We have been speaking and co-creating this book from the moment i arrived and im stunned with all they shared.

Their knowledge is so ancient yet what they share feels so familiar. Its not only the content but also the resonance of their wording which makes it a holistic experience of high resonance.

Their way of putting complex matters into words is very down to Earth and easy to understand. Shedding a whole new light on our existance.

Perhaps its this unique wisdom, untold for centuries, which is why so many of us feel so fascinated by them, feeling this attraction. As they are offering us a missing link in understanding ourselves better.

note: All photo’s are taken by myself with an Iphone. without any filter or alternations. Natural Northern Lights.

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In the last 1,5 years the Northern Lights and i spoke almost daily, resulting in an incredible book filled with their profound insights.

Untold knowlegde that will trigger ancient memory inside yourself. When you tune in, you can feel the impact already. This book will help you grow into your full potential, unlocking all our DNA.

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