Language of Creation

Everyone has the possibility physically, emotionally and spiritually to communicate with Animals and Nature as we ourselves ARE Nature too. A simple fact we most of the time forget. Nature in itself communicates mostly in images, emotions and ‘knowing’.

If we connect from the heart with an Animal, with Nature, we can communicate with them common to our ancestors. During this online course i help you to remember how and help you build confidance in this field.

But its not just speaking the Language of Nature, the Language of the Animals, the Language of all the Seen and Unseen worlds, its the actual Language of Creation.


‘Becoming.’ is an intense transformative year program based on the book ‘Natureconomy – a Northern Lights Vision’. It’s the process of fully activating your DNA and becoming a complete, activated human.

It supports you to apply the wisdom of the Northern Lights to your daily life, to your being. Its a cycle of deep healing, creating space, so your soul can anchor more into your physical.

You learn how to work with the Regal Elementals: particles with a consciousness. Around the three themes of the book: existence of Life, Anchoring of the Soul & Life Giving Force.

With the ultimate goal of unlocking your full potential. Creating and manifesting from a state of complete activated DNA in abundance for All, limitless in thoughts and actions and in purity of Beeing.

Read more on the page of my organisation: Natureconomy.

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