How it would feel to speak the forgotten language of Nature again.
To hear the voices of Animals, trees, Nature Spirits and many more.
To have actual conversations with them and talk about topics on a level as if they were human.
How this will change how you see and experience the World.

Feel most invited to join this 6-week online course on Zoom. Where in a small group of max 10 likeminded people i will teach you the basics of telepathic communicating with Nature, the language of Creation.

A technique common to our Indigenous Ancestors but we modern humans forgot how to listen through the noise of todays society and the lack of practice and guidance.

So YES you can learn this or rather say, remember this as it’s still in your DNA. And its my honor to help you remember.


6 times we will come together on Zoom for approx 1,5 hours. During these meetings you receive teachings, personal feedback and advice. As a group we share our experiences so we can learn from eachother, in community. In between meetings you will be given excercises which we will discuss as a group or on which you will receive personal feedback through e-mail.

10 September 2024 19.30 o’clock (Amsterdam time)
17 September 2024 19.30 o’clock (Amsterdam time)
24 September 2024 19.30 o’clock (Amsterdam time)
8 October 2024 19.30 o’clock (Amsterdam time)
22 October 2024 19.30 o’clock (Amsterdam time)
29 October 2024 19.30 o’clock (Amsterdam time)

€ 325,- for the entire course.

The course will be given in Dutch. 

Secure your place by filling in the form below or sending an email to

Questions & more info:
If you have questions or are unsure you can learn this, PM, email, call or text me. Love to speak with you and help you find the answers to your questions. / +31653465392

Looking forward to meet and introduce you into this remarkable world. As becoming aware of the voices of Nature means also that you will never feel alone anymore. That i promiss and that is just one of the benefits of remembering..


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