“Become your Nature”

With Love, Marieke Anna(6)

Become your Nature

Growing up in a modern society as many of us do, we learn how to become who we want to be and not who we came here to be. Who we truly are. Who we naturally are.

We learn how to dominate and manage Nature instead of learning how to become part of Nature again.

But the moment we seek to learn that, embracing the thought that all life has a spirit and therefore can be communicated with, can be collaborated with, Nature welcomes us back in her midth and welcomes you back into you. Helping you remember your blueprint, your manual to you, which is unique for everyone. And im here to support you on your journey, becoming your nature, once again.

With Love, Marieke Anna(6)

Order our long-awaited book


The Northern Lights have asked me to move & live under them in order to write a book with them. Which i did. In the last 2 years we spoke almost daily, resulting in an incredible book filled with their profound insights.

Untold knowlegde that will trigger ancient memory inside yourself. This book will help you grow into your full potential, unlocking all our DNA.

my latest

Language of Creation

online course

How it would feel to speak the forgotten language of Nature again.
To hear the voices of Animals, trees, Nature Spirits and many more.
To have actual conversations with them and talk about topics on a level as if they were human.
How this will change how you see and experience the World.

Feel most invited to join this 6-week online course on Zoom. Where in a small group of max 10 likeminded people i will teach you the basics of telepathic communicating with Nature, the language of Creation.

A technique common to our Indigenous Ancestors but we modern humans forgot how to listen through the noise of todays society and the lack of practice and guidance.

So YES you can learn this or rather say, remember this as it’s still in your DNA. And its my honor to help you remember.

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In the upcoming weeks a whole new programm for this winter AND Summer will be published. We’re waiting for a last ‘official ok’ but it will contain more Aurora Retreats AND Summer Solstice Camping. More to come soon. Subscribe to the newsletter to be the first to know!

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After many requests its finally possible to recieve a montly newsletter. Filled with special offers, updates on retreats, courses, events and wisdom from the animals, nature or even a special message from the Northern Lights. Whatever is relevant for that moment and wants to be shared by them with you.



I met Marieke during a Shamanistic Online course and was directly attracted by her warm, soft and outspoken presence. In that year i understood that, next to her various Shamanistic and intuitive talents, she also communicates with animals. Being a huge animal and nature lover myself, i was and still am intrigued about her knowledge and wisdom in that field.


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