Aurora Retreats

A Unique Retreat held on the island Senja, North-Norway. Located right under the Aurora Belt, a zone in the Northern hemisphere where the Northern lights appear the most often.

Recieve a complete shift in mindset, emotional heart and physical being. While being surrounded by the supportive landscape of the Arctic.

Re-awaken your full DNA, your full potential as a human by the insights given by the Northern Lights and Nature.

Read more on the page of my organisation: Natureconomy.

Midnight Sun Retreats

Every year for a short period of time it seems time doesnt exist. Night becomes day and day seamlessly goes over in night. A period in time when the sun never sets below the horizon, letting nature bathe endlesly in direct sunlight for about 6 weeks straight.

This special period is called the Midnight Sun. Its an ideal time to be outside emerged in Nature, connecting with Nature on a physical, emotional and spiritual level and therefore coming home in the land, coming home in yourself.

Bringing to the light what needs to be healed, what needs to be released. And which aspects of you can step out of the shade, into the light.

Read more on the page of my organisation: Natureconomy.

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