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To find the right person to work with, or to learn from, for you or for your animals is most of the time a feeling. You just know. Its your frequency resonating with that person.

If im that person for you or your pet, if you feel we resonate, i would love to hear from you and connect.

What i share & teach is the language of Creation. Which is older than any tribe or religion.

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My Life Purpose

Is to connect what needs to be connected and disconnect what needs to be disconnected.

This duality allows me to be a bridge and to build bridges between worlds.

I love to help people in Modern societies to understand the Natural World better and in the process, develop a better understanding of themselves too.

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My Journey

Growing up I was lacking people in my surroundings who has experience or understood the things I saw, felt, heared and knew beyond ‘normal’. A traumatic experience in my childhood made me become afraid of my own abilities and closed myself off from them. I became this successful young woman with a career in Account Management & Marketing until a severe burn out made my whole world came crashing down.

I could no longer hide from my abilities. With the help of my cats i accepted i could hear them speak and together with them and Nature i developed that further. With the help of a Native American Shaman, i healed my childhood trauma and accepted my gifts. In the years that followed i have been her apprentice and learned the basics of Shamanism. In time i learned to understand my gifts and how to work with them. Where Nature, Spirit, the Universe and my Ancestors have been my greatest teachers. And in recent years the Northern Lights has taken up that role. As i too, learn and evolve each day.

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What i offer

These are the core activities at the moment, soon more will follow. Stay tuned!

Telepathic Talks & Trauma Healing

Through telepathy and automatic writing i speak with your animal. By adding shamanic healing techniques together we can solve his/her traumatic behaviour.


To help you reconnect with nature and through nature, reconnect with your true self.

Online Courses

To learn the basics of Animal / Nature Communication; the language of Creation.

Personal Guidance

To help you discover your own blue print and learn how to express your True Self.

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