Healing Snake

The circle is complete, I have been around for a long time and watch a lot. From the treetops and the ground. I “read” the air with my tongue and know a lot. Healing is here.

Meditate with me today the healing snake, the mild, good-natured snake.

Meditate with me and think about everything that has been written in recent weeks. Is there temptation? Is there healing? What do you want? And what do you do more? This moment of reflection? Let everything rest for a while. Which message from the animals did you remember most, which do you want to work on?

I am the healing snake, ask me to help you heal where you need healing now so that we can create a new World together.

Take your time, feel, analyze, be honest with yourself and see what you want help with. Then ask that animal to help you, ask me to help you. We do that with love but do it now. We cannot wait any longer, to do nothing.

Are you doing it? You are not alone, just START, START NOW! The New World is created NOW, by you too. So dream, fantasize, Create & heal.

Healing Snake is my name.


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