Wild Mustang

I want to talk to you today about Believes. The believe that you can appropriate everything and impose your will and use force to accomplish it.

That is NOT cooperation but suppression. Then you are no better than a Hitler or anyone in your history who you see as a tyrant.

No animal species dares to impose its will at all costs. Even death is a collaboration between the hunter and the hunted. They both know their role in the game, the dance and when they finished their negotiation, the result will come. Either the kill will happen or the hunter walks away.

But you?

We horses, we Mustangs are Masters in working together. We live in herds and we all know our place. Yet we also live well alone. But we thrive better in a herd. We have understood the art of working together.

Study us and you will see how you can exist in a group, with a group, as a group while retaining your own identity.

Working together is something you people should learn. You are good at individualism. Working together is the challenge now given to you in this Corona time.

See how nice it is, to give and take? Not everything has to be on a scale. Working together rewards in Love. Love is the new currency instead of money. Charity is not for sale. It IS. And in times of crisis you experience the usefulness of a group, a Community, and you feel the security, you feel supported.

If you do not feel that, then you are lonely and a nice realization that it is time to change your life or living conditions so that you are also supported by the group. We are love. Feel that Love. It is also there for you. But work together instead of wanting to impose your will.

This is said this is spoken, Wild Mustang is my name.



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