In my bones I carry the knowledge of my ancestors. Ancient knowledge long forgotten by you, the people. Knowledge older than your era, knowledge from times before you knew that there was life on Earth. Knowledge of the origins of the Planet, its youth, its coming of age, its keeper and many successors.

Many do not know that your planet is Male but the Spirit, the “Earth Caretaker” is female. Together they are a magical duo. A fertile duo.

This ancient knowledge has long been forgotten by your humanity. The Symbiosis between the Male and Female is the magic that creates life. The planet, or rather Earth, as you know it, gives life continuously. Births life continuously.

It is this symbiosis, the chemical symbiosis between 2 apparent opposites that creates life. That creates life force. It arises in the space between those 2. Between those 2 opposites that attract each other in love. In that space, chemistry, love potential, attraction arises and that charges all particles between those 2 opposites with unprecedented potential.

That potential, that charge, is the Magic Spark that creates life, that grows life, that can hang tangibly in the air.

That loving friction between 2 opposites, seems magical. But magic is real. It is THAT potential, it is THAT charge and how are you going to direct it? How are you going to use it? How will you use it as a growth tool for the Plant Kingdom? The Animal Kingdom? Nature in all its layers all around? As a super fertilizer on an energetic level. Feeding every cell of every living being around you with potency, with abundance, with love, do you feel it?

Now remember that moment in time when the air was so thick between you and another, of tension, of attraction, of potency, that is what we are talking about now, that feeling. Block human feelings like shame or guilt when that moment is not with your current partner but just cherish that moment. That memory for what it was. The potential of Life Giving Creation in its purest form. And feel the space around you refill with that potential like a soft blanket of clouds around you.

Welcome to my World of Ancient Forgotten Knowledge. Welcome back sweet human to your own long forgotten memory. I love you.

My Word is written, My name is said, Heron, Keeper from Ancient Knowledge.


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