Dung Beetle / Scarab

I make something of waste, you call it recycling, we just call it use because for me it is raw material, not used raw material. Everything in Nature has already been recycled and on loan.

The water in you has been in someone else before, the air in your lungs has been in someone else’s lungs before, no matter human or animal. The plant you eat has been excreted from seed or in a fruit before. The cow you eat has been part of another cow before.

So you see, there is nothing in nature that is recycled, everything in nature is a raw material on loan.

You people have found the gift to stop that cycle. To make products that no longer serve as raw materials for the Natural. All kinds of processes stagnate.

This time of reflection in which we are now is an excellent time to experience how polluting we are. You and us, do you see the difference?

Throw away the seeds from your fruit and vegetables as waste instead of gratefully putting them in the ground.

Throw away anything you don’t want or want to eat or have in containers. Do you see how crooked it is?

Why not give back to Nature? As food for soil life?

Why so many clothes that you don’t wear and are often spun plastic that Nature can no longer use?

You have created your own subculture borrowed from Nature by recycling plastic because there is nothing else to make from plastic than plastic.

Glass no longer becomes sand, brick remains mutated and does not dissolve. Asphalt melts and smears. And all this stagnates the Natural cycle. It blocks the oiled machine called Nature.

Understand me, it doesn’t have to be primitive, it doesn’t have to be barbaric but make small change. Think a little longer when you buy clothes. Buy from Natural materials and only if you need it. Fashion is no more. That can no longer be maintained. Classic, beautiful and natural or functional clothing returns. It’s still beautiful, still doing something good for your figure. It is comfortable and does not have to be expensive. Find pleasure and satisfaction in searching for or creating such items.

Then you deal with raw material and it is on loan as Nature intended. If it has been worn out and is no longer of any use, not even as a cleaning cloth, put it on your compost heap in gratitude for all the good memories you have had of it.

It has been said, it has been said, Scarab is my name.


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