With my many feet I feel the earth, I massage her while I walk. I feel her warmth, I feel her cold. She moves with me as I move on her.

Like many of you, I am in an intermediate phase. I am at the end of my caterpillar but I am not yet a butterfly. Even though I’m looking forward to it, the unknown also makes me a bit insecure. I say goodbye to a phase without knowing what I will get in return.

We rely on the butterflies that preceded us and that preceded us before that. They have made that transition, so it gives us confidence that we can do that without any problems.

Yes, it is rediscovering my own ability, the World and how everything works, but how wonderful that I can also experience this phase. That I may be born again while I am still on earth. Most people and animals must first die and leave their bodies to be born again in a new body.

I? I can experience, consciously experience how my body changes while I am in it. I feel the tightness in my cocoon as I grow and my wings develop. And just to the point where I think I don’t like it anymore, my cocoon pops open and I am free.

That’s what Crow meant yesterday. You are now in your cocoon. You are starting to experience the tightness but you are not quite finished growing. Hold on a little longer. Keep it up for a while. Trust the experience of many butterflies. It will be worth it. Hold on and your cocoon will burst at the perfect time for you, of course.

Then step out full of glory With your New I. Your new identity, your new standards and values. But hang on for a little while, sweet human.

You already feel that you are very different from 2 weeks ago or a month. Do you feel it?

Hold on and observe the change in you as if you were looking at yourself from a distance. Be proud and excited about the positive change you see.

You now have the unique opportunity to consciously follow your own mutation process as we can. That is very unique for a human to experience. Do you realize how unique it is?

Now embrace it instead of resisting it and feel the support from the Animal Kingdom, you are one of us.

We love you. We all love you. Well be yourself and be proud of your observations, we will watch you. We are here for you and this process. We are here.

I am caterpillar aka Butterfly and here to stay.


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