It is day, it is night, be patient with yourself. With another. With the World. I know everything seems to be turned upside down, but this is part of growth. We are in the birth canal together. We end up together in a New World. It is no longer possible to go back, but now it is stuffy, uncertain, and many are losing their temper.

Hold on sweet people, you don’t see what we see.

Huge shifts between light and dark on Earth (powers) Huge shifts between the physical and non-physical. We move across all fields, all worlds and we see, hear, The Morning Glory. The Tipping point – point of change, is nearby.

You play such an important role in this, your willpower, persuasion, stamina. You have no idea how strong you are.

But hang on a little longer. It is going well but the turning point for a New World has not yet been reached, almost ……

This is an unprecedented moment. Prophecies have been written about this. And now you are here! And you experience it! You are part of it! Thank you soul for making the choice to be here at this very important moment in Earth’s history. This is great, and you are there.

A New Earth is born but is manifested immediately after birth. Details are crystallized and outlines just after birth. That is why it is so important that you persevere. Living in positivity, living pure in your own truth. With respect for everyone, your fellow human being, your fellow animal, your fellow plant, your fellow tree, your fellow spirit.

Taking into account the interests of all in every choice you make. And if it only harms 1 party, don’t do it. If it costs 1 individual / soul do not do it and choose an alternative where everyone benefits. You can do that, I know that.

I see what all of you are capable of when I watch you at night. I see how big your dreams. How strong your powers are in your sleep. Now it is time to convert that from dark to light. From night to day. Believe in yourself during the day as you do at night.

You are many, believe a little more that you are superheroes  Because you are, you just don’t know how.

Create the World in which you want to live with your thoughts, fantasize NOW your Favorite Fantastic World in which you would like to live “After Corona” The veils are very thin. You are heard …

Long live Life!

Crow is my


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