Today I want to talk to you about your view of the world. Your 2 meter dimension.

Most people see the world at a maximum height of 2 meters, but I would like to invite you to broaden your field of vision.

Imagine what your environment looks like at 4 meters, at 6? And at 10? You get completely different world views, but it is still the same. You will only receive other information.

It is so with many things. To understand something better, view something from different cross-sections of heights and then combine all the information you get.

It is the same with the entire situation in which the world is. Take a moment to take a look at your neighborhood, your country, your area of ​​the world, the whole world. See what happens, meditate on it, always ask to see the same from different heights. You will notice beautiful things, not everything is bad. J

It is really about being open at the right height for receiving information.

Everything has a purpose, including this. (what is happening on Earth now) Realize what it is and realize your part in this.

What is the height at which you want to observe? You will see that if you understand the bigger picture, you can understand it better at lower levels. Better see what small changes in your 2 meter culture have for changes on the Cosmos and vice versa.

Everything is interconnected. It is time for you to understand that well and I invite you today to look from different heights to points of friction that you are currently experiencing in your daily life. View them on other levels. See what the lesson can be learned. Acceptance, often leads to direct solutions.

I invite you to straighten your neck and observe. Openly observe, what do you see? What do you really see? Not what the media tells you but what YOU see on your part of the Earth. Now pull this bigger, what is the influence on the whole? The Cosmos?

Now be proud of the part that has been given to you to solve. Now be proud that you can do that part of the Cosmos. We have all been given a piece to perform, do this proudly, with love, patience and enthusiasm. Be fascinated and creative. This is how you do your part in the whole. Do you feel it? The connectedness? Gratitude? Do it now!

It is said, it is said, Giraffe is my name.


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