Great Elephant Matriarch

Hello my wise child, thank you for writing down all our lessons and sharing them with the World. Today I want to talk to you about gratitude. Today is a good day to be grateful.

Grateful for the rain, grateful for the growth, of plants, of people, of animals. Physical, emotional and spiritual.

Grateful for growth.

The feeling of the first raindrops on your scorched skin after months of dryness. Grateful for the creatures in the rain that make my skin happy.

Grateful for the first green grass sprouted to the earth.

Grateful that our calves have grown large and strong in times of drought.

Grateful for the losses suffered so little that our herd has remained large and varied.

Grateful for the Sun and Earth, always in balance.

Grateful for the balance in me so that every choice can be made with light in my heart.

Grateful to those (humans) who leave us alone.

Grateful for our enemy friends (like Leo) who keep us on our toes.

Grateful for the life that has been given to us and the life that has been taken from us.

Grateful for everything that grows and flowers and fills our sight with beauty.

Grateful for the love in my heart and the sure step in my step.

I am grateful for everything. And you? What are you grateful for? Write it to me. Write to me, Matriarch, a letter expressing your gratitude. Then burn it, your smoke will find me.

It is said, it is spoken, Great Elephant Matriarch, is my name.


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