I would like to talk further about what Black Jaguar spoke about yesterday. There is nothing wrong with keeping some food but do it smart and for everyone like I do. I collect and I store it but I store it where it is useful, if I forget it or if I do not need it, it spontaneously becomes a new plant from what I have hidden underground.

So it’s okay to collect some, but give it back to Nature when you can no longer use or need it.

It is quite difficult for you people to think that way, that requires thinking out of the box but make a compost heap so that you can give back to Nature from there. Forget your plastic culture and look for ways to save something using Mother Nature’s gifts. Dry seeds, fruits and vegetables, If you don’t use it, give it away or put it back in Nature.

It’s really okay at times, to be good and helpful towards someone else and leave something for them, give it away without asking anything in return. Many species benefit from the food we put underground.

You people are creative enough, think of ways that you can help keep food that benefits everyone. Think, for example, of growing sunflowers, you have the pleasure of their beauty. You can save the seeds for yourself, your pet rabbit and put a few back in the ground. This way you help the cycle and everyone is happy. It’s just a matter of thinking out of the box, but you can do that, use your imagination.

Going back into the Natural Cycle does not necessarily mean that you have to change your lifestyle extremely right at this point, but you have to look at smart choices and rethink all your routines. For example, dried pasta cannot be put back into Nature if you don’t use it. Neither does flour, but grains do. You can also feed it to others, animals and humans and you can make flour from it if you want to eat pasta. J Do you understand the thinking out of the box?

This way you burden Nature less and is your consumption of processed products less. It also feels much nicer to share everything you have with people and nature. Just try it out. If you are indeed going to make pasta from grain, sprinkle a handful for the birds on the balcony or just in the garden at that time. The sense of togetherness and love is enormous.

You are then one of us and you cook in love. That also tastes better!

Decorating, making your environment beautiful at a useful way, is also a good expression of this, such as stringing beautiful peanut garlands for the birds and decorate your garden or balcony  with it. Beauty is greatly appreciated. It symbolizes the beauty of the heart.

It has been said, it has been spoken, Squirrel is my name.

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