Black Jaguar

From the darkness we watch, we know when to take action and when to keep still. We don’t waste energy, we use our energy meaningfully and effectively. We only communicate when necessary and only move when the action we are in requires. That way we are efficient.

You people communicate anytime, anywhere, there is no end or rest in your communication, your energy is uncontrolled and due to your lifestyle you even have to much energy so that you have to exercise to compensate. You could say overconsumption. Isn’t that a bit selfish?

You consume so much that the majority of the population is overweight. This food consumption draws heavily on Nature. The entire chain from animal / plant to getting into the car to drive to the supermarket.

In this time of isolation and being more at home, people start to consume less, they become more aware of their role in the whole. You can do fine with 2 meals a day, your stomach gets used immediately. (breakfast later and dinner earlier)

Find alternatives to get your food. Be more physically active in it and use your energy effectively as I would. You don’t have to build up large stocks of fat to get through tough times. Dose your energy intake based on your energy outtake. This way you only influence what you actually need on the food chain.

If everyone did that, it would be a drastic turnaround in the load on Earth that this chain brings about.

Use this time at home, to delve into what your body really needs to live, to move. Come up with new methods to keep yourself fit and moving, but don’t waste energy in it. Make your movements useful. Have fun, make you smile. You will see that you feel fitter and more positive, more meaningful too.

Not all of you have a garden at their disposal, plenty of alternatives. Vegetable gardens nearby, garden areas of friends or family? Or just on the balcony and even in boxes at home. Yes it is a slightly different way of thinking but it will give a lot to humanity.

There are also alternatives, such as getting food by bicycle from the local farmers who sell it directly. And here too, only get what you need. Tomorrow is a new day. Do not take more because it is cheap. You thereby deprive another of the same possibility. Also do not take more than you can eat. Too much is still being thrown away by you.

Be economical and aware. This way you consume less but enough to achieve an efficient body and adequate movement.

It is said, it is spoken, Black Jaguar is my name.


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