Great Red Deer

Many came before me and many will come afterwards me. I am Great Red Deer. Most people know me among other names from their own stories and legends. I am a friend in the Animal Kingdom.

Today I want to step forward to indicate that we, mythical animals, are also attached to your reality. Just because you don’t see us doesn’t mean we’re not there. There are many like me. Influenced by your thoughts and actions.

Everything is in a fragile balance, the whole World. It is not only the physical that makes up Earth. The non-physical is even larger and forms the aura of the Earth. Sometimes species return to Earth from there and sometimes it incorporates new species.

But just like with your own aura it is important to maintain it well with love and attention. Otherwise, it will weaken and the Earth will become more fragile just like you if you don’t give your aura enough attention.

You are so much bigger than just your body. Most of you float out of it and yet you only pay attention to the body part.

Do you see how different it becomes when you are aware of your Whole parts? And give them all attention? What it does to you? Do you feel it now?

It is the same with the earth. All the animal species you have ever fantasized about as a child, exist.

Exist in those layers that I just mentioned. Those layers need protection. To keep the Earth vital and with it all its inhabitants, in the physical and non-physical.

Many are familiar with; “That what you give attention too, grows.”

So use this time to close your eyes with the sun on your face. To fantasize as you did as a child, about all the special species your heart longs for. Fantasize beautiful adventures and feel how close they are, actually close.

You’ve already heard that the veils are extra thin at this time, the more likely to be together. Feel together with your old friends. Do it, do it now!

I retreat to my ancient enchanted forest and anyone who wants to follow me, meet me is welcome to find me there. In the forest, where your heart takes you. I’m waiting for you.

This has been said, this has been spoken, Great Red Deer is my name.

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