I am happy, I just wanted to say that. Many animals last week talk about all kinds of things that can be difficult but I want to tell you, I am happy and with me many.

You really are not doing everything wrong or bad. You are also doing a lot of good. See these messages as awareness, how we see you, what we do differently and what we would like differently so that we can live with you as a species together on Earth.

If we didn’t want you here on Earth, we wouldn’t have helped you, these messages of help would never have arrived. We want you to succeed as a kind, but that requires some adaptation to the Natural Order as we all do, if you don’t, life is very difficult and eventually becomes impossible.

Do not see this as a bad thing, yes, it is much and perhaps discouraging. Then take an example from me, Hare. I can make crazy jumps to release. I live solitary but find a lot of joy in a partner. My life is good, I have no complaints. I live by the day and by the seasons. I am flexible enough to handle all variations of a day with ease and joy.

Today a short message of spring, new beginning, joy and coming home. Let everything land for a while, view everything with lightness, it is good. Feel joy for the day. Enter situations where you have to make a choice with a smile and enthusiasm. As small as the choice of what to eat. And know that like me you can make enough noise when danger threatens. So don’t be afraid of danger. You can handle it. You can handle anything. Like me.

Now take your rest, your cozyness, come home to yourself and accept the day as it comes. I love you.



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