We are many and many and many around the world and yet we do not cause any inconvenience and why? We clean up our mess, we don’t damage Nature. (for those who see us as a nuisance, we are a direct lesson, a direct example of the need of more cooperation and you knowing your place.)

We live with many, close together like you people do. We have a queen and a hierarchy, a structure. We all know our task and our place and we know this from each other. No one needs to correct or correct anyone because we know and do what we need to do.

A worker does not dream of becoming a queen and a queen does not dream of the simple life of a worker. We all know the task our soul has chosen for this life and we gratefully perform it, knowing that it serves our soul.

Only in this way can we live together in large numbers because nobody wants what the other has.

We help each other, work together, knowing that we thereby express the soul’s desire of the other and of our own soul and that gives joy.

We do not look for extreme situations like you people only for the adrenaline, the rush of it. Sometimes we end up in such situations and are then happy with the help of our fellow ant, which strengthens us.

We are always looking for water, which is our source and live in constructions that are complex but easy to build, but also easy to clean up and quickly decay into original nature. Likewise, your cities should be less solid, less stable, less harmful from the residue that remains.

These are the Natural Conditions that are placed on a group if it is to live together as a group. Set this as a condition of your new society, the one you will build after Corona. Provide yourself with knowledge of nature, all answers are in front of you.

Yes it requires adaptability and no you don’t have to live underground J but whatever you do, in any group size, only use raw material that you actually need. Do not exhaust the area and let everything easily go to Natural State when you leave it. Thank you.

This has been said, this has been spoken, Ant is my name.


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