It is I Walrus, I want to talk to you about the seas and the water. I want to talk to you about how you navigate and deal with it.

We have lived in these areas for centuries and have seen your people come. We have seen how you came and confiscated everything you encountered. What you suddenly thought you owned but it is not yours. Not from anyone but from Nature. You can enter it, you can be in it and experience it, on loan. You should not expropriate or change it. It is not up to you, but to Nature.

Much has changed through your actions over the centuries, no respect but only exploitation of what you encountered. Natural treasures not respecting but mutated, removed, and with that their function in the natural whole, the Natural Cycle.

We now see many dying of other species, we see the change around us, we watch as a reporter of historical monumental events.

We just don’t know what you want to achieve with this, it is so useless to expropriate Mother Nature. Those cycles are bigger than you and other ways will be found.

There is life after death, you have never understood that either. There is even a World after your death, which has never fully penetrated your mind. Earth does not need you. We don’t need you. You are here as a guest to stay. To enjoy the earthly way like us. No nation, no species is so self-oriented as humanity today. So short-sighted, so short-term.

Water has memory, millions of years of knowledge float around me. As if I float, live, in a library of experiences. Experiences of others, all at your fingertips, everything knowledge, infinite. It is not mine but is handed to me, is in stock.

So I’m at peace, don’t have to chase anything, don’t want to achieve anything other than foresee my needs today. I am happy with all the knowledge and nurturing around me because in that pool of knowledge in which I swim I feel resignation, I am carried, I feel loved and satisfied. I have access to the experiences of my ancestors and the experiences of those who have hurt them. I can look at it from all sides and see in full what it is. It is a cummulation of all experiences of all involved and that gives peace of mind.

A peace of mind that you as humanity seek and it lies at your feet but that you do not find until you search with your heart. We are here, find us.



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