(31-3-2020) JAY

Jay what do you want to share with us today?

You pretend, pretend you’re happy, pretend you like something, like the taste of it, like someone, but you ignore yourself. Your society has become a place for so many people that you all have to act that you like the other simply because it is too many people for that piece of nature.

They call it false behavior and you have become so good at it that you have come to believe it yourself. To the point that you come to believe that it is reality.

In reality, the herd behavior is to survive but you still want to live don’t you? Not surviving?

People seek each other out, which is true, but there must be enough space around them for those to be alone once in a while. On itself without influencing another, only nature as harmony.

Pandemics like this predominate in areas where many people gather and once again show how close you live in unnatural conditions. Seek freedom, space.

This is a time of birth and rebirth. Take the time and rest to reinvent yourself and adjust your living conditions so that you can be yourself instead of adjusting yourself to your living conditions.

We are love, you are told that again and again. We are love. But you too, after all you are also “we”. So view yourself as love and what do you want for love? Can it grow and blossom fully? Or does it die as a greenhouse plant 3 stories high?

We Jay’s view you in your dreams, we watch over you in the night, we wave away bad dreams and give relief. We speak the truth no matter how hard. We are loud and you can’t get around us, but we don’t live in cities either. Do you know why? We also listen to ourselves and we see you through the eyes of love.


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