(30-3-2020) COW

You eat me, I would like to talk to you about that.

Why are you eating me? Is there nothing else available? You eat me and leave me as dirt. There is no respect for my body. No respect for my meat. I am systematically slaughtered, systematically I am bred. Nobody thinks why they eat me. Only “it’s a nice piece of meat”

Well this meat also has a life, our children are taken away, our men are separated, our udders are abused. And we are with too many in a group. That is degrading people. We are more and we earn more.

Do you want to eat our meat? That’s fine, but include us in your family. Do you want to drink my milk? That’s fine but ask for permission and I’ll give it to you as I will share what I have. Leave my child with me, there is more than enough for both of you. Release our men so that they can visit us cows in their free will.

Include us in your midst, 1 or 2 per family. A group with the village, do it collectively. Each his own and take good care of each other.

We don’t have to give a lot of meat for you to be healthy. We are only a variation in your diet. It is a choice but not a must. Many alternatives are out there but if you want to do it, show respect. Show us love so that we can give love back in our flesh and milk. Show us security and let our children play together.

Show us compassion and we show our compassion. You will then know when one of us wants to give his life. It is too much for you alone, give parts away as a gift and you too will receive gifts back.

Do not waste anything but also leave something to them, the scavengers. Share with people and nature. Don’t waste anything but share it with love. That way you honor me and the old ways are restored. That’s how we once lived together and that’s how it should be again.



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