Black Rhino

(29-3-2020) Black Rhino

Rhino what do you want to share with us?

I am sad, you humans have let it come to this point, many animals have left the earth, many species. Every specie had an unique place and every time you thought, yes we have to do something but you did nothing.

Now your humanity is being hurt and again you say, yes we have to do something but you passively lock yourself in your houses.

When will there finally be the moment when you as a Community realize it cannot continue like this. How much further until you take your responsibility and take action?

Everything stands or falls with love. Love for yourself, for your fellow man, for nature. Not fear sorrow or unnatural desire. No, love and space, respect and being content is what counts.

The way of life that you do exhausts the earth, chasing animals away instead of living with them. Chases help from others away because they cannot find and unite with the dark energies that reign on Earth.

My kind is dead, beyond the point of viability. Many of my kind have gone and many species will follow. (Polar Bear)

What can we do I hear you ask?

Start living from your heart. Make all choices regarding your routine again, see it through the eyes of a newborn. Does your routine damage someone or something? Then adjust it. Is it harmful to nature? adjust it. If it is unnecessary and only consumption, skip it. Make your routines pure and supportive for everyone who is connected to it. Make your routines ONE with Nature, with the natural cycles of day and light, growth and death. Only in this way can you live in harmony, harmless and from your heart.

Does this require a lot of adjustment? Yes. Do you have a choice? Not really. Embrace it, choose to live. Choose to comply with this. Choose to feel now and here.

I’m done,
Black Rhino.


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