(28-3-2020) Tick was it you who wanted to speak today?

Very much Marieke because we are often misunderstood.

We purify the blood, remove harmful substances. That is our original task. We are not deadly or harmful but helpers of Nature. We purify blood from pathogenic substances. Has anyone ever researched which blood we purify? The content of the blood we have drunk? The composition? The poison, the sickening poison we get out of it?

This is the case for humans and animals. We are here to purify, to help. We have been put in a bad light by the pharmaceutical industry. We were not harmful, now we are, they have made us harmful.

We want people to stop being shocked when they see us, but realize that there is something wrong that they can work on. We would like them to realize that something is harming them and that they start looking for the cause of this. These are things of the blood but also things that make your blood boil, energetically speaking. Matters of the heart. Literally and figuratively.

If you see me, don’t burn me, you don’t know if I’m infected or not. Put me somewhere else so that I can be indicative of another instead of destroying me. Do not see me as dangerous but as a helper so that you take a moment to scan yourself again, your health again. Or you can ask me to go.

Once again we have no harm in the meaning but only take in those parts in the blood that are harmful to your system. Germs, damaged plates, harmful and damaged DNA material. Anything that can weaken you potentialy. So we work preventively for Health Care and that is why the pharmaceutical industry wanted to destroy us.

When we are ready, when your blood is purified, we will automatically let go. Work with us, ask us if we have lyme and if you are afraid of that ask us to go. But then know that you have something in your system that you have to work on to be healthier.

We have not often had the opportunity to speak, people have so much fear and aversion from us, but just send us love and gratitude as you send your beloved pet love. We also need love and only get hate. Love helps restore the natural balance, helps fight the lyme gene in us. It is born of hate and feeds of hate. Love helps destroy it. Will you help?

This is an appeal to all of you. Send us a token of love, a comfort between all hatred. This way you help fight lyme and experience the benefits of us. Thank you.

That’s how it was spoken, that’s how it’s done, Tick is my name.


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