Green Woodpecker

Green Woodpecker (27-3-2020)

I am very pleased that you are listening. I am a Green Woodpecker, I make a lot of noise, but no one sees it, no one hears it. You are all so fond of your own lives that you no longer see the rest, no longer hear while we are loud and clear here.

You ask what we can do for you? Well, everything! Because you and I are of the same order, we are equal, all nature is equal. We work together, are a homogeneous relationship. Know our place in these wheels. Feel connected and equal with every plant. We know that if the bark falls, if we peck trees, it eventually becomes food for the individual seed that we already feel in the ground and where it lands on. We know our place in the cycle, our impact on the cycle of all our neighbors, animals or plants. We work together with the unseen and release what is stuck and thus harm the continuity of the cycle.

We like to be with people like parrots, but your gardens are not suitable for us. You take out everything that is dead, but that is the beginning. Breeding ground for all new life. And I like to make my nest in dead wood because I am at the beginning of cycles and start with my knocking cycles or continue as you used to have someone who equalized the city clocks, so I balance the clocks of Nature and I ensure balance.

It has been said, it is written, Green Woodpecker is my name.

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