Black Wolf

(26-3-2020) Black Wolf

What do you want to share with the world Wolf?

I am love, no fear, no danger. People often ask why I am like that. But what am I then? The “ferocious Killer” that you so often show in nature films? The good caring father? Those images often serve as a contrast in the same video to show our diversity but they still go beyond the essence.

We are all from the same source, speak the same language, just a different expression of the same, the same matter arranged differently. I am you, you are me.

You may be afraid of the killer in you if you are afraid of me. You may be afraid of the father in you if you are afraid of me. The important question is, which associations do you place with everything you see. In everything you do and experience. Those associations say something about you. Is your actual blue print to which the (Natural) world reacts energetically.

Get to know your own associations. Take a closer look at them, analyze them. Where do they come from? And what do they do unintentionally? Then look at me again and then see yourself again in your associations. Do you like what you see?

Life is really beautiful when you look at it differently. When you view it through the veils of falsehoods and ideas that live in your world. Learn to see through those veils and see That World, the Universal World.

This is an invitation to anyone reading this to go on a journey with us. We will continue to share this here every day. In bite-sized messages for those who read this. Universal Truths that have been forgotten by your world but have been preserved in our world. These truths are revealed bit by bit on this journey so that your human body can handle the pace.

Much is already known, but as already shared with Marieke, it is about the frequency behind the words. That frequency suits that day and it is that frequency that you take in and serve. Not the words in themselves, that is a vehicle, a means of transport. It’s about the feeling what you get, the feeling what you have now. The inspiration to help you achieve your goal that day.

Once again I invite you all to read each day. Read and feel and see which associations that evokes. And which associations you want to review.

An invitation to you to get started, on whatever you don’t like, but only what you don’t like today. Just correct yourself today. Don’t get mad about yesterday, don’t worry about tomorrow. Just correct yourself today.

That’s how it was said, that’s how it was done. Wolf is my name.

 The Animal Kingdom asked me to give a voice each day to a different animal in these challenging times. Each day i ask which animal wants to step forward and share their message with us all. 

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