We are also there, even though we are on the other side of the World. We know what you do through energetic lines. Think of them as long spider webs. The spider knows through vibration when someone touches his spiderweb. We animals receive information through vibration through countless invisible lines.

We have it no easier or harder than you on the other side of the World, just different. Each climate brings its own adaptation.

We bump around in groups but like to be alone. A bit similar to your herd behavior. Everything you do has an effect on us so bravo for you. Bravo that you come to your senses, relax and see what you are doing. How you live, live with Nature and your neighbors. Bravo that you remain calm and accept this moment of reflection.

We continue to graze in gratitude for the turnaround you make. You are about to become one of the Animal Kingdom again by seeing yourself as one of us. By seeing your effect in the chain. By seeing everything that depends on you, is influenced by you. And I am grateful that you are increasingly taking on your responsibilities. I love you.


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