Golden Eagle

I Roam the Sky. See and view as paintings below me in a different time zone, flying over everything. Everything at rest, everything in perspective. I enjoy the views and the changing landscapes. The seemingly contrasting water and land, yet from my perspective, perfectly in harmony.

I enjoy the animals around me. Sometimes in fright, sometimes in silence continuing their activities.

It is wonderful to be a Golden Eagle and to watch in peace, quiet and distance. Perfectly in harmony with the wind, the land and the sun in your back. Sliding without sound. Observing without participating.

Feel connected to me as we merge gently, floating, gliding over your life. We see your work, your friends, your family, your home and the commitments and obligations, responsibilities you have made.

Feel how we glide in perfect harmony, in peace and view your life. What do you see? Does it make you happy? Satisfied and in harmony? Loving silence, carried by the power of the thermal value of happiness.

Which parts of your life make you fly dangerously low with a chance of crashing? Which parts let you climb to glorious heights?

You’re safe with me. Flying safely. Do not worry, I will not let you crash, but be honest about how you experience your life. What gives energy and what does not. Now you know what to do.

Are we flying another round? You’re safe human, safe.

I have said, I have done, Golden Eagle is my name.


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