We run in herds, run, graze, run. You don’t see us alone without the herd. The herd gives us security, peace and protection. We feel the herd as a joint collective. A family descends from the same main soul (Over Soul).

As souls we are inextricably linked. More than the normal connection in Nature. Every herd, herd animal has that. We are not only physically related to each other, but also closely connected at soul level. That’s why we can run synchronously.

Everyone has a soul family, souls from the same source soul (Over Soul). Individualistic animals / animal species from the same soul family are not born directly into the physical family. Like us herd animals. All herd animals in the physical are direct descendants and close relatives of the Soul. It is a similar variation of the “Over Soul” in a different form, different matter.

There are many Over Souls and they each choose how they want to manifest. As a group, through herd animals, or through individualistic animals.

Everyone has had the feeling of instant knowing a different soul, a different person. Other than just a previously lived life. This is probably someone from the same soul family with whom you may have already shared lives too.

So you see, this is another facet that you are not alone. Your soul family is out there somewhere.

Feel for yourself, along your memories, which encounters you have had with people who directly touched you, how short that meeting may have been. Just a look in each others eyes at the passing. A hello on the street. Who has made such an impression on you that you now automatically think of them.

Feel love in your heart for them, gratitude for your soul family, feel warmth in your heart and see it flow to them, fill their hearts with love.

As small gifts through time and space. Also feel how you receive them today, when someone else thinks of you that way.

Today is a day of giving and taking. To give gifts and learning to receive them. Today is interaction of love through the heart. And I am very pleased that we were able to summarize this in human language. Do you feel the process? Do you feel love? Enjoy it.

I have said, I have spoken, Wildebeest is my name


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