I swim in the waters, the deep sea. The cold coasts and I watch. I see what is happening around me. The warm currents suddenly appear in the water. Wastewater discharged from factories. Disturbingly spluttering from its composition. So different from the clear blue water in which I normally go.

Troubling that you people think it’s okay. Not knowing the effect on micro and macro organisms, near and far.

Troubling the lack of awareness of the turnaround brought about by your carefree behavior. The warm currents mix, in an unfilterable way, in so many parts. Changing forever, mutating.

And thus us, the fish, the bottom life. Everything is changed and infected with what you are dumping.

Realize the impact that you have, that your breed has. Realize, truly realize, is it worth it? That I mutate so that you have a new variety of shampoo? Is 1 not enough? Think about the mass consumption in your society. New variations of the same product are produced and produced.

Divert this energy, no longer buy to buy but buy to live.

Think carefully about this. The chain of unnecessary purchases and their unsustainable construction.

Decide differently and time is released, money is released, you no longer have to and everything is allowed, in loving harmony. What are you waiting for? I am here and taste my waters, are they already getting pure?

I have said, I have spoken, Orca is my name.



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