I was used for my coat for a long time. Later also useful as a pet. Many have touched parts of me but have no idea who I am, where I come from or what my place and purpose is in the whole.

Many now disapprove of my use as a trend in society. Find it pathetic and disgusting. And you still don’t know who I am and what I do.

I am here as a soul, as a being, as part of the planet and you still refuse to look into the usefulness, the source of existence of others. “Me” is what counts for many.

Today I invite you to deepen into an animal that you find not interesting at all. And search his quirks and facts until you find something that makes you love him / her.

Everyone has that, everyone possesses that, human, animal, plant, everything has Love and it is up to you to find the connection point from which Love can flow freely between the two of you. That is your task in the Whole, Bringers of Love.

Varying, switching, from connection to connection, so that those who have too little are supplemented via you. And those who overflow, feed you in return. This is how you level physically, Love as the overall energy on Earth. Too much you drain to Earth, too little you replenish from the Universe.

‘Keepers of Love’ is what you are. We help heal the broken among you. Like a broken lamp with a new light bulb so that the light burns again.

We help you return to your natural patterns. So that you can balance Love in your environment on a daily level. Do you feel it?

Now think of an animal you hate the most. Most of you really have that, spiders, insects or some other species and now think of his / her usefulness. Search further, see / feel how important that is in the chain. Can you feel gratitude for doing its job so fanatically? Can you feel Love and Gratitude in your heart?

Try that, leveling the energy Love. Be playful with it. Feel the effect, you are one step closer to coming home. Hold on a little longer and keep going. It starts to dawn more and more, do you notice? Pick it up and keep going. Welcome home to your new Self!

I have said and spoken, Chinchilla is my name.


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