Water is refreshing, cooling, giving life, taking life. Water IS. Water has memory and creates memory. I surround myself with memory and yet you think I am stupid. I see and know more memories than many people.

The memories in the water have been the same for centuries. It contains the history of the Earth. In the rock, in the earth / ground, everywhere you can read, everywhere you can feel, experience and know. What the trends are, the flows, the patterns of the rock, the World, the Water. Nothing is unpredictable, everything is moving.

Learn your history beyond this life. Learn the history of the air you breathe. The water in your body and the food in your stomach. Learn that history, learn your history and thereby learn the trends, the flows of the Earth.

Nothing then comes as a surprise but as a welcome change. Everything has already been and everything will come back. Which experience you choose in this is up to you. We ARE, I AM and I am surrounded by history, I KNOW, all-knowing by knowing the flows that surround me. Inside and outside of me. I am fish, I am animal, I am Spirit, I am Universe, I am water and matter, I am everything and nothing, I am I, and you?


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