Baby Sea Turtle

Our water is polluted, we eat plastic and yet you think we are cute. We don’t poop, clogged by micro plastic, severe cramps and die. No research on baby turtle deaths. Food for others who eat the cause of our death.

Unnatural, man-made. I long for the experience of giving free rein in harmony with the water like my ancestors. Surrounded by water, clean, clear, supportive, nurturing like a warm flexible blanket.

Lovingly moving smoothly through the water, timeless, spaceless, lost feeling of time and space but connected to the Spirit of my Forefathers. Floating on ebb and flow, currents and influences of hurricanes and winds. And yet the Spirit of my Forefathers always felt, visible, present, giving me direction, support, and so closely connected it seems they tangibly swam next to me. We are connected and we are ONE.

We experience the joyful experiences that our forefathers also experienced. In their safety of knowledge and experience. I was born there because I heard about that experience. The experience of being a turtle in open water, the limitlessness. And wished to experience that experience as a soul.

One day, in return, as Turtle Spirit, I will support others on their journey. So I give back what I now experience here on open water. Do you feel the security of the experience of my ancestors?

Feel your own life now. Your grandparents and their parents and parents. What do you do with their knowledge and experience? Do you bask in their security? Their warmth and the safety of their knowledge? Grateful for the Great Gift they give you? Dedication in Time?

Think back in gratitude to all of your ancestors’ lessons and knowledge passed on to you. Consciously or unconsciously, orally or through DNA and you know you are one of them. You are your ancestors in the making.

It is said, it is written, Turtle is my name.


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