We live at the limits of your society and are increasingly confronted with the consequences of your society, the center, the heart.

You are like an infectious disease that is brewing and growing, uncontrolled and devastating. You are not aware of how we watch you. How the ice disappears, drawn to the heat of your society. How you drag everything into your devastating bottomless wells of cities. Everything that is nutritious goes in there, but nothing comes out. Nothing from which Nature or its Natural Cycles can be fed.

Bottomless pits like holes of heat on the globe. Attracting everything of value, aspirating and using, burning. As fuel for the rich who give nothing back. Look from a distance as we do and see the trucks full of food being driven into the city from outside, loads of water, clothes, utensils. Food and Fruit, all flown in, driven in and transported by rail. In that bottomless pit that you call city.

Our water is attracted by it, Our ice, our habitat loosed it solidness and melts. Just to balance that heat, that energetic heat that your cities radiate. Today I invite you. Watch with us from a Pole, North or South, look, look at the whole World. See the whole surface, see it like those pictures that indicate the light spots (light pollution) on Earth, seen from Space. Look now similar to your cities, and what they radiate and attract energetically. Do you see it now? Do you see that our ice needs to come and cool your cities down?

Do you see how selflessly we allow that? And yet you don’t see how Nature works together that we give so that she (Mother Earth) can help balance it because you have forgotten what it is like to give instead of just taking.

Take a good look at the energetic traffic of your cities and realize how senseless and useless they are. Little luck and no nutritional value. Why do you live there now?

Help us think, help us by being one, forgiving. Critical but mild towards yourself.

I have said, I have spoken, Penguin is my name.

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