Thank you

For allowing me to speak with your animal and i will do the best i can to help bring him/her home. Within 24 hours i will check if all questions & information you have given are clear for me. And if i recieved a photo of your animal. If you havent heared from me within 24 hours all is clear and recieved well.

If you havent send a photo yet, please send a it to or through WhatsApp / Text to 0031653465392 and please mention either your name or the name of your animal so i can make the connection 🙂

A photo doesnt have to be recent but without any other people or animals and prefferably where you can at least see the face.

As time is very important in most missing situations, your request will have my first priority at this point. Within 24 hours after recieving your request for help i will speak with your animal telepathically to get an idea of the situation and discuss with your animal various strategies how to get your animal safely home to you if that is possible.

In cases where its not possible, as your animal might be injured, locked in or even perhaps died. I will try to get as much information about surroundings and location as possible and share this in all details with you.

You will recieve both an e-mail with the outcome as an messenger /whatsapp message as time is important in this. You can also always call me afterwards to speak it through.

Depending on what your animal tells me why its missing i will suggest the next steps to take and i will check in with your animal 2 more times during a week to check up on progress and/or new information as we are working on this as a team, you and i to help your animal get home to you.

Warm regards,

Marieke Akgül

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