Natureconomy – A Northern Lights Vision

In the summer of 2019 the Northern Lights asked me to come and live under them to write a book together. 2,5 years later i moved from the Netherlands to Tromsø, Norway. Little did i know how big this adventure was going to be. We have been speaking and co-creating this book from the moment i arrived and I’m stunned with all they shared. Their knowledge is so ancient yet feels so familiar.

Their way of putting complex matters into words is very down to Earth and easy to understand. Many times it’s even more scientific than spiritual. In overall, their vision sheds a whole new light on our existence.

Sometimes I barely could believe what I was receiving which sparked the idea to add ‘proof’ of some kind into the book, which would make what they shared more plausible. And with each scientific article or paper I’ve read during the editing, the importance of this book, that the Northern Lights and I just wrote, dawned more and more on me.

Its time that these words of the Northern Lights find their ways into the World again, into our hearts again, into our minds again. It is time.

This version is a PDF file, ideal to read on a laptop, tablet or on some e-readers. If you rather have a physical book, please order the exclusive soft cover book that will be send to your home.

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